Tidewater Randonneurs,

Tidewater Randonneurs, LLC is a loosely organized club composed of like-minded individuals interested in the sport of randonneuring.  As such, there is no true "Membership" in the club (other than that which is implied by participation in events) as there are no dues required and there are no club officers or any official roster of members. Fellow riders will handle any paperwork associated with the ride, but every individual is opting to participate on their own and without any "ride leader." Though unsupported, by tradition, it is true that on the larger group rides (known as "brevets"), (consistent with the collegial nature of randonneuring)  there may be attempts made to meet the group with supplies at designated locations. For some of the group rides, there is a suggested "fee" collected at the start which is used to cover the cost of  these supplies for all involved.

Historically, randonneuring clubs will plan to have group rides on set dates and plan on historically established distance challenges. While not in any sense a race, anyone who is able to complete the distance within a pre-determined time limit, has the option of purchasing a medal to celebrate their achievement.  In order to better coordinate these group rides, one or more individuals may "pre-ride" the course to be certain there have been no significant changes to the route.


These planned club rides, as well as the rides referred to as "permanents," make use of routes which fellow riders have designed for their own use, but which participants believe to be appropriate for such a ride. A "permanent" is a club ride which is typically chosen by one or a few riders, often just a few days in advance, and similarly makes use of such a route. Both the brevets and permanents can only be ridden by active members of RUSA (Randonneurs USA)